Message from Director

The Institute of Science (IOS) was set up in the year 2004 with the aim of being a leading institute towards the development of science and technology as well as integrating scientific research in line with the needs of the society. These aspirations should be in parallel to the scientific technological breakthrough so as to improve the quality of lives, hence will speed up the country vision of being a scientifically progressive society by the year 2020.UiTM has recognised the institute as one of the leading centres of excellence in helping the university to excel in research and development particularly in S & T.Among the measures taken is strengthening collaborative efforts between researchers in the Institute of Science and renowned scientists home and abroad. This scientific linkage will assist in the creation of networks of excellence for the sharing of knowledge and particularly, for solving global scientific issues.It is hoped that the Institute of Science will become the nucleus for knowledge creation, generation and transmission for scientific advancement, deemed by merit-review to be of the highest international quality in personnel, infrastructure and research output.

Prof. Dr Ahmad Sazali Hamzah
Director, Institute of Science



Institute of Science (IOS) as a centre of excellence in fundamental and applied research was established in 2004. IOS was pioneered by Prof Dr Ahmad Sazali Hamzah, who was the first Director since the establishment of IOS. Its main objective was to produce excellent, innovative and competent researchers that were able to fit and compete globally.At the initial stage of its establishment, there were only 3 research centres, manned by 15 researchers and two administrative staff. At present, IOS has expanded to having 6 research centres, 23 researchers, 21 support staff and 14 research laboratories. With the current development and expansion plan, these numbers are expected to increase by the year 2017.Currently, the development and expansion of the institute is headed by Prof Dr Ahmad Sazali Hamzah.












To be a leading Institute towards the advancement of Science and Technology in the country.


To conduct and promote scientific knowledge, sustainable development and economic advancement through excellence in fundamental and applied sciences. The Institute is committed to research and scholarly endeavor dedicated to the discovery, dissemination and application of scientific knowledge, relevant to the global challenges of tomorrow and delivering practical and intellectual benefits of science for the improvement of our quality of life.


To establish centres of excellence in fundamental and applied sciences research in the field of Synthesis and Chemical Biology, Advanced Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials and Research and Innovation In Sustainable Energy.
To undertake the development of scientific based research of strategic importance for government and industry.
To inculcate research culture among the academic staff.


Establish a physical centre as a focus for study and discussion of issues relating to Science and Technology.
Establish national and international network and linkages which are related to the different areas of research.
Provide facilities to visitors seconded to the Institute for varying periods of time to study, interact and pursue objectives relating to Science and Technology.
Provide services for the government, industries and IPTS in areas of research relating to Science and Technology.


To be a leading institute towards the advancement of science in Malaysia.