Q1:  How to be a full time IOS researcher/member or an associate fellow of IOS?

You may approach the Head of Centre to be a full time member or associate fellow  under the respective centre.  Upon acceptance by the Head of Centre, your application will accordingly be forwarded to the Director. You may get the contact information (click here)


Q2:  Do I have to be one of IOS researchers in order to use IOS research facilities?

No, you don't have to. However, the users have to abide by the terms and regulations set by the institute. Researchers and postgraduate students within the faculty or university and also from other research institutions/universities can utilize IOS research facilities. 


Q3:  What are the procedures required to use IOS research facilities?

The interested party has to identify which instruments you would like to use (click here) and then you may approach the officer or researcher in charge of the research facilities/instruments and abide by the terms and regulations set for utilizing the instruments.  Such terms and regulations include:

1. Availability of the instruments
2. Charges using the instruments (if applicable)
3. Safety of the users
4. Care for the instruments
5. Experimental materials/chemicals required in using the instruments


Q4:  If I am interested in doing a collaborative research with IOS researchers, how should I start?

 You may approach the respective researchers (*full time IOS researchers only) and start off with having a preliminary discussion.


Q5:  How can I be an IOS postgraduate student?

You may approach the respective researcher (*full time IOS researchers only).  If you are pursuing your postgraduate study and research under one of these researchers as your main supervisor, you are automatically an IOS postgraduate student.