(Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr Ab Malik Marwan Ali)

The Centre for Advanced Materials is established as one of the research centre under the patronage of Institute of Science. With its focus on solid state science and technology including in ionic materials and devices, organic-electronic materials, coating materials as well as theoretical and computational studies of smart materials, the Centre for Advanced Materials is unique in its field of research. The centre especially places great emphasis on the development and application of new methodological approaches. Beginning with their creative design, the composition of the materials, their characterization up to the processing of materials, the centre interdisciplinary mode of operation of ties all necessary specific disciplines ant thus offers the ideal basis for excellent research. The centre is also actively engaged in the research collaboration with a few international and national research institutions. The centre is equipped with a number of service groups for sample preparation, characterization and fabrication, each of which are coordinated by a head of research group but can also be accessed by all employees.



Current Research Interest

  • Batteries (Lithium Ion, Proton, Metal-Air Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Sensors
  • Smart Windows/Electrochromic Display
  • Fuel Cells
  • Paint and Coating System
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Titanium based nanocomposite/polymer hybrid with incorporation of phthalocyanine pigments ( Zn and Cu) using Dammar/carbon composite counter electrode and iodide based electrolytes for dye sensitised solar cells (DSSC)
  • Sodium iodide – sodium phosphate with PLLTMED additives band sodium solid state batteries
  • Preparation LiI–Li3CO4 with fillers solid electrolytes by solid-state reaction and lithium batteries
  • Green electrolyte using starch as polymer host by vacuum free method for proton batteries
  • HPMC-NaI solid electrolytes
  • Silver nano-polyol /dammar multifunctional coatings