NoNamePositionResearch AreaTelephone
1 Assoc Prof Dr Ab Malik Marwan Ali    Head/Researcher Advanced Materials 603-55444451
2 Dr. Rosnah Zakaria Researcher Material Science 603-55444492
3 Prof Dr Muhd Zu Azhan Yahya Assoc Member/ Researcher Advanced Materials 603-55441331
4 Dr. Ing. Oskar Hasdinor Hassan Assoc Member/ Researcher Ceramics synthesis and characterizations 603-55444099 
5 Dr. Shanti A/P Navaratham Assoc Member Solid State Ionics Materials 603-55438495
6 Dr. Azlin Sanusi Assoc Member   603-55227341 
7 Dr. Siti Khatijah Deraman Assoc Member Advanced Materials, Polymer Electrolytes, Proton Battery  605-4067501
8 Dr. Siti Zafirah Zainal Abidin Assoc Member Advanced Materials, Polymer Electrolytes,  Solid State ionic  603-55438436
9 Dr. Muhamad Kamil Yaakob Assoc Member Computational Materials Science 603-55227833



Administration Staff

1 Cik Masni Soberi Assistant Science Officer 603-55444496
2 Mohd Azrin Abd Rahim Assistant Engineer 603-55437801
3 Mohammad Saiful Izuan Mat Yusoff Lab Assistant 603-55437802




1 Ajis Lepit Completed Properties of Ply(vinylidene-Fluride)-co-Poly(1-vinyl imidazole) solid polymer electrolytes prepared by radiation-induced grafting method for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
2 Nazli Ahmad Aini On-Going Studies on PEEK-Chitosan Crosslinked Via UV Curing for Proton Exchange Fuel Cell Membranes
3 Nor Kartini Jaafar On-Going Preparation of Grafted Conducting Polymers By Gamma Ray Radiation: Characterization For Application In Supercapacitors 
Ahmad Nazib Alias  Completed Characterization and Preparation of Light Electrochemical Cells Based on Poly-(N-Vinylcarbazole) 
Mohamad Fariz Mohamad Taib  Completed  Ab-Initio and Experimental  Studies on Multi-Functional Ceramic Materials 
Muhamad Kamil Yaakob  Completed

Ab initio investigation multiferroic materials

7 Nordiana Binti Hashim On-Going 

Preparation and Characterization of PEMFC membrane based on PTFE/FEP polymer-alloy via microwave irradiation

Siti Zafirah Zainal Abidin  Completed Nano-composite polymer gel electrolyte based on libob-cellulose acetate for lithium-air batteries. 
Ahmad Fairoz Aziz  On-Going Physical and Electrical Studies of Treated MG30 Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Electrochemical Devices 
10  Khuzaimah Nazir On-Going Preparation and Characterization of Epoxidized 30% Poly (methyl methacrylate) Grafted Natural Rubber Polymer Electrolyte for Electrochemical Device
11  Mohd Sazwan Affendi Rasiman  On-Going 

Experiment and First principle study of Olivine Structural LiMPO4

12  Nur Hafiz Hussin  On-Going

First Principles Study on Lead-Free Ferroelectric Materials Using DFT

13  Muhammad Aidil Ibrahim  On-Going  Studies of Thionine-Graphene Nanocomposite for Ganoderma Disease Biosensor 
14  Muhammad Haikal Zainal  On-Going  Neochloris Oleoabundans algae biomass as a potential of microbial substrate consumption to enhancing the generation of bioelectricity in microbial Fuel cell (MFC) 
15  Noor Syafiqah Samsi  On-Going  Preparation & characterization of quantum dot caped ZnS doped cellulose acetate plasticized polymer 
16  Mohd Hazrie Samat On-Going  Title, Investigation of Zinc Sulphide Dissipation into Cellulose Acetate Plasticized Polymer Electrolyte in Dye Sensitized Polymer Solar Cell on Solar Sensing Properties
17  Nur Atikah Md. Jani On-Going Conducting polymer/graphene modified electrode for biosensor application
18  Khairul Baqir Alkhair Khairul Amin  On-Going Bioelectricity generation through palm oil mill effluent using mixed culture exoelectrogens in microbial fuel cell 
19  Nur Hamizah Mohd Zaki On-Going Preparation and Characterization of graphene composite with CO3O4 electrode for supercapacitor 
20  Maziidah Hamidi On-Going Studies of Lithium Based Pyrophosphate Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries 
21  Ahmad Firdaus  On-Going Studies of flexible and high energy output nanogeneretor based on BaTiO3/rGO/Cellulose nanocomposites 


1 Nursyahida Sahli Completed Studies on methyl celullose based on gel polymer electrolyte.
2 Nordiana Nabilla Ramli Completed Comparative Studies of Crossslinked Sulfonated Poly (ether ether ketone) with Different Cellulose Derivatives in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
3 Siti Fadzilah Ayub Completed Preparation and Characterization of MG30-PEMA blend polymer electrolyte
Siti Masyitah Mohd Razzali Completed

Preparation and characterization of cellulose acetate plasticized non carbonate based plasticizer polymer electrolyte

Nurul Atikah Shahrul Effendi  On-Going  Graphene-Zinc Oxide Composite Film for dye sensitized solar cells
Muhammad Noor Syazwan Saimin  On-Going  New series Heusler alloy as spintronic devices: First principles approach 
Mairasatul Shamimi Muhamad Shukri  On-Going  First Principles Studied of Properties of CO and NO Gas Molecules on Graphene-Based Material using Density Functional Theory 
Nurul Syahirah Azhar  On-Going  Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Bi2O3 Polymorphs using Density Functional Theory for photocatalytic water splitting 
Nursyazwani Suhaili  On-Going  A Fundamental study on the properties of hybrid organic-inorganic halide perovskite CH3NH3BX3 (B=Pb,Sn,Ge; X=I,Br) For perovskite solar cells 
10  Muhammad Haziq Ridzuan  On-Going  First Principles Investigation Of The Role Of Atomic Ionic Radius Substitution In Multiferroic BiFeO3 Material
11  Mohammad Azren Mat Saad  On-Going Interaction mechanism of ZnS/CdSe semiconducting quantum dot in recombination process of Dssc 
12  Nur Afifah Sarkhan  On-Going  Studies of the graphene oxide effect in the electrical and optical properties of PEDOT:PPS thin film in optoelectronic device