(Head: Prof Dr Norlida Kamarulzaman)

The Centre for Nanomaterials Research (CNR) was formed in 2008. The research work involves synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials such as lithium manganese spinels/layered compounds, zinc oxide nano rods, lithium tantalate nanomaterials, nano additives in polymers and other types of nano compounds. The Centre concentrates on fundamental studies involving structural characterization, morphology, electrical, electrochemical and optical characteristics of materials. The Centre is equipped with equipment such as a 200kV HRTEM, FESEM, XRD, XPS particle sizer, electrical measuring instruments, etc. The centre encourages participation of experienced as well as beginners in the nanomaterial field of research. Some of the activities involve research performed at international research centres. The group has done experiments at ANSTO (Menai) at the Australian Synchrotron facility in Melbourne and SLRI (Thailand). CNR intends to be a reference centre for nanomaterials research in Malaysia. Recently, Oxford EDX has appointed us as the reference for SEM and TEM EDX. CNR currently has 13 postgraduate students doing various nanomaterials research work. The Centre has an MoU with Samsung and has some consultation work with them on the Li-ion battery research area.