(Head: Dr Ahmad Zafir Romli)

Center of Polymer Composites Research and Technology (PoCResT) in Institute of Science is established to be a base for researches that will have an impact to the academic and industrial practices and productivity through the understanding and application of fundamental and advanced polymer composites technology. Supported by a comprehensive research laboratory (Polymer Composites Research Laboratory – PoCRe), researches under this center are focusing on the development of innovative polymer composites materials (thermosets, thermoplastics and rubber) which include the usage of functional fillers (bio-based and synthetic), advanced mechanical and physical testing and analysis, thermal and dynamic studies, and the studies on the innovative polymer composites fabrications and testing.
The members and associate members of this center are from various research backgrounds such as applied sciences and engineering. As to maintain the standard of researches to be accepted by the industries, few associate members were appointed from various private sectors. The center has dedicated external professors as academic advisors for the academic courses run by the center.
Until today, the center has produced many postgraduate students by research at MSc. and PhD. levels. On top of that, the center has many collaborative works and provides continuous testing services to researchers from within the university and also to the outsiders. With proper planning and support, the center aims to be one of the leading reference centers in the field of polymer composites in this country.